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St. Anthony's Dress Code

St. Anthony’s Dress Code


Our school is a Catholic community and we require our students to dress in a fashion that represents the respect and dignity of the individual.  We are a place of learning and as such have an understanding that what we wear portrays our purpose.  Grooming, dress, and school appearance are positive indicators of the serious purposes of attending school.  Clothing must be functional and clean.  While the selection of clothing worn at school is the responsibility of the parents and students, the school reserves the right of the final decision concerning dress and appearance at school.

A helpful way for us to consider dress code with staff and students is to consider the appropriateness for the activity.  For example: having a change of clothes for gym class and/or sport activities may mean athletic wear that allows for movement and could be shorter than class clothing.  Changing for gym class continues to be an option for students and we encourage dressing for the activity.

Items for reference include:

  • Hats and hoods of any kind are to be removed when entering the school and are not to be worn inside the school building.
  • Shirts which expose the midriff, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, off the shoulder tops, strapless tops, and low cut necklines (exposing the chest) are not to be worn. 
  • No undergarments of any kind (bra straps, underwear/boxers, etc.) are to be showing.
  • All shoulder straps must be three (3) fingers wide.
  • Shorts or skirts may be worn; however they must be at least at mid-thigh length.
  • No clothing bearing inappropriate: language or logos; such as reference to alcohol, drugs, profanity, obscene language, statements prompting violence, racism, illegal behaviour or sex, including phrases or words with double meaning, or put-downs are to be worn

Students will be asked to alter their dress or be provided with appropriate pieces of clothing if in violation of the dress code.  Repeat violators will be subject to more severe disciplinary action. 

Due to the constantly changing variety of apparel styles, the administration has the authority to determine if a clothing item not specifically covered in the dress code is appropriate for the school attire. 

We thank you in advance for your support as we continue to foster a learning environment at St. Anthony’s School.