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Principal's Message

Welcome to St. Anthony’s School Community!


We are so excited to welcome you back to in person learning!  For myself and Mr. DeVuono, we most certainly love hearing the voices, watching the joy on the playground and popping in and out of classes to witness the joy of learning in the building once again.  We cannot say enough about how blessed we feel to be able to start this new and exciting learning journey with such a supportive and kind school community.   Re-opening a school once again after a closure, reconnecting with friends and staff, having parameters set to keep us safe that are outside of the norm are all examples of why September 2021 may be more memorable than other school starts.  It is exactly this reason why we are so grateful to be with the fabulous team at St. Anthony’s School.  We, as an entire staff have your child’s social and emotional well being as our priority as we start to build community in our new classrooms and also as a school as we continue to follow Public Health guidelines, while gathering where we can (outside) and coming together for things such as virtual prayer services and assembles.  We will do this together and look forward to partnering with you for the very best Catholic education possible for your child.


“At St. Anthony’s School we strive to develop independent, resilient, socially conscious individuals who are challenged to reach their full potential.  We do this by creating an inclusive community of collaboration, joy, growth mindset, and innovation, all inspired by the example of Christ.”  This is our mission statement at St. Anthony’s School and we strongly believe that partnership between home, school and parish will help our children to truly reach their full potential and set them up for success as they continue through life.


We have an active School Council at our school that supports our community.  We thank all members for their time and dedication towards making St. Anthony’s School community the best it can possibly be.  The council strives to provide opportunities for parents to be more involved in the education of their children, as well as being a voice for Catholic education.  This year our meetings will look different to other years, as they will be virtual for now.  We look forward to working together, and perhaps virtual meetings will also provide an opportunity for even more parents to join us as we continue to plan for the year ahead.  We are also blessed to have the Vice Principal, Mr. DeVuono continue to support us at St. Anthony’s and we feel so blessed to have his leadership and compassion support us all, students and staff alike.  Mr. DeVuono commutes from Port Elgin each day, where his children attend St. Joseph’s School in Port Elgin and truly lives a life in education, as his wife is also a Vice Principal in our community.


I feel it a true honour to have the opportunity to be principal at a school where I have such a connection to the community.  I live in the community, with my husband and 3 sons, 2 graduates of St. Anthony’s and one here now.  I have taught at St. Anthony’s in kindergarten and primary French Immersion, in fact my first contract was in a Gr.6 French Immersion classroom right here at St. Anthony’s!  To be back in this capacity is a true gift and in Catholic Education, when you find your vocation, you know it’s where you are meant to be.  Thank you to everyone for their support and partnership as we begin a great new year together.


God bless!


Samantha Pitre, Principal

Paul DeVuono, Vice-Principal