Committed to a vibrant Catholic education, we ensure quality learning experiences through community partnerships that nurture each student in body, mind and spirit and embrace the teachings of Christ, giving witness to Gospel values.

St. Anthony's Church

Sunday Masses
Saturdays 5pm
Sundays 9am and 11am

Virtue of the Month:  Empathy

Empathy is being able to identify with, and feel the concerns, feelings and needs of another person. 

Please join us for our next Recognition Assembly:

Monday February 27, 2017
9am Junior/Intermediate
2:40pm Primary

2015-2016 School Schedule

8:35-8:45 Morning Supervision
8:45 Entry Bell
8:50-9:30 Period 1
9:30-10:10 Period 2
10:10-10:50 Period 3
10:50-11:05 Morning Recess
11:05-11:45 Period 4
11:45-12:25 Lunch Recess
12:25-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:25 Period 5
  1:25-2:05 Period 6
   2:05-2:25 Period 7
2:25-2:40 Afternoon Recess

2:40-3:20 Period 8
3:20 Dismissal Bell

Dear St. Anthony's School Families:

Recently one of our school families met with tragedy in a house fire, losing all of their belongings.  Although all have survived, they are dealing with serious injury on top of the emotional trauma of this experience.  The staff and some of St. Anthony's families have quickly come together to try to help.  At this time there are three different ways you can help:

1.  Spaghetti Dinner.  On February 16, 2017 come out for a wonderful community meal.  All proceeds go to the family.  See below for more information.

2.  Donate Online.  Go to the following site:  Where it says APPLY YOUR DONATION TO A SPECIFIC FUND SET UP BY THIS CHARITY choose #1 "Graveley Family Fire Relief".  Insert the amount you wish to donate.  You will receive a tax deductible receipt.

3.  Family Movie Night.  February 24, 2017.  More information to follow but mark it on your calendar!

Spring is Coming and so is the 
Scholastic Book Fair!

Happy Camper Book Fair

The second Scholastic Book Fair of the school year arrives on Monday February 27, 2017 until Thursday March 2, 2017.  It will be open during regular school hours.  Family Shopping Night is Monday February 27 when the Book Fair will be open until 7pm.

Flyers will be sent home closer to the event and don't forget to fill out your ballot for Family Night to win $50 worth of books - that's $25 for the winning student and $25 for their teacher!

We look forward to seeing you and thank you for supporting this great literacy event.  Thank you for believing in books and the impact of reading on your child's future.


Kincardine Soccer Club


Registration for the Kincardine Soccer Club has begun.  Please visit the following Website to register for soccer in Kincardine:

Parent/Teacher Conferences

We will be holding Parent/Teacher conferences at the school on Wednesday February 22, 2017 from 3:30pm-7pm.  This term you will be able to schedule your interviews online.  If you wish to schedule a meeting with any of your child's teachers please follow the instructions below.

You will be able to make appointments from February 6, 2017 8am until February 21, 2017 11pm.


1.  Go to the St. Anthony's scheduling webpage at

2.  Enter the Parent Code (see below) and click "Sign in".
Please make a note of your Confirmation #.

3.  Fill in your contact information and click "Continue to make appointments".

4.  Click on the name of a teacher with whom you wish to schedule an appointment.

5.  Click on "Available" for a time at which you wish to meet.

6.  Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you have scheduled all the teachers you wish to meet with.

7.  Click on "My Schedule" (top left of page).

8.  Print, email or copy your schedule and bring it with you.

The Parent Code for this term is:  sa2017
Do not share this code with anyone outside your school community.

Should you wish to delete an appointment you have made, click on "Delete" beside the meeting you wish to have removed from your schedule.  

If you misplace your schedule you may use your Confirmation # to retrieve it from the website at any time.  If you need help please email

If you do not have access to the internet at home or work please call parentinterview toll-free at 1-866-810-0076 and someone will be happy to make your appointments with you. 


Registration for Kindergarten

There is still time to register for Kindergarten for September 2017.  Come and join our family!  

Junior Kindergarten (Year 1) is for children born in 2013 and Senior Kindergarten (Year 2) is for children born in 2012.  

Contact the office to register.
(519) 396-4330

Snow Day Lunch Reminder

Pizza Snow Days

On scheduled pizza days, if buses are cancelled but school is open please ensure your child has a lunch if they attend.  Pizza will not be served.



We welcome:  

Samantha Roberts as our Grade F1 teacher.

Lou Anne Goetz Kuntz as our morning Core teacher.

Danielle Richer as our Grade F1/2 teacher.

Outdoor Clothing


Please remember to dress your student(s) appropriately for the cold weather.  Hat, mittens, scarf, coat, snowpants and winter boots are essential.  An extra dry set is a great idea!

Grub Tub Donations 

Grub tub

We are looking for parents who would like to donate to our healthy Grub Tub.

The grub tub is for any student who runs out of food to eat and is still hungry.  You will be given a specific week in which to bring in your donation. We ask that you bring the food in to the office on the Monday of your week.

Some suggestions are:  apples, oranges, pears, raisins, bananas or sugar-free applesauce.  Any food that is easy to grab individually and is healthy is welcomed.

If you would like to donate please email or call the school at:
(519) 396-4330

Thank you!


Thank you Evans Family

Thank you to the Evans family for your donation of apples to the school Breakfast Club and Snack Bin.

Busing Information


Did you know that you can subscribe to get electronic bus cancellation notifications?  You must re-subscribe every school year.  Email subscriptions are purged every summer and subscribers are asked to re-subscribe to ensure an accurate list of email addresses every year.

Anyone can subscribe for email notification for general notices, school closures and route cancellations and delays.  You must first confirm that you have a valid email address.  To subscribe go to and click on Delays & Cancellations (top right corner), then click on the Subscriptions icon.  Under Other Options click on Subscribe.  Enter your email address and press the Subscribe button.  Our automated system will send you an email confirmation containing a link that you need to complete the subscription process.  

When you receive that confirmation email, click on the Confirm link and enter a password beside New Password, then enter it again.  You should receive a message on screen thanking you for confirming your subscription and saying you can now login to manage your subscriptions.  

For more information go the the Transportation Consortium website at and click on Subscribe for Delays and Cancellations.  We will also continue to use Remind to notify parents as early as possible.  




Some students continue to fight about Pokemon cards.  Please review the previous Remind message and Facebook letter with your children.

Music Lessons at St. Anthony's


Dear St. Anthony's School families,

My name is Jennifer Hunter and I am happy to announce that I will be offering private music lessons in piano, flute and voice for the 2016-2017 academic school year.  This will be my second year teaching private music lessons during the day at St. Anthony's.  The music room is currently located just off the library, so it's easy for children of all ages to find.  Weekly lessons are 30 minutes in length and are available for children in Grades SK and older.

My three children, Maya, Serena and Gabriel, attend St. Anthony's School and I have also maintained a private music studio for the past 10 years.  I conduct a community children's choir and this summer, I will be holding auditions for a small performance based senior vocal ensemble!  For more detailed information, please feel free to contact me.

If you have children who were enrolled in the music studio this past year and wish to continue, please contact me at your earliest convenience so that I can hold your space.  If you are currently on the waiting list and wish to remain, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  If you wish your child/children to be added to the music studio at St. Anthony's or my private studio at home, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  

I look forward to hearing form you!

Jennifer Hunter
BM, MM Vocal Performance, MM Vocal Pedagogy
(519) 386-3500


School Song


A huge Thank You to Jennifer Hunter for all the work she did to create a brand-new St. Anthony's School song.  We could not have accomplished this without her!

Explore Your Before/After School Options

Explore your child care options

Find and apply for child care!

OneList Bruce County is an online tool that helps simplify the process of finding and applying for child care.

Magnifying glass Find licensed child care programs
Magnifying glass Locate child care programs near home/work.
Magnifying glass Apply to multiple child care programs.
Magnifying glass Access your application anywhere, anytime.

Complete your online child care application today.

Visit if you live outside of Bruce County.


Little Beginnings
School Age Summer Program

Little Beginnings

Texting Through Remind:
A New Way to Communicate
Safe Arrival and Dismissal

You can now text the school through Remind. 

The purpose of this is only meant for Safe Arrival and Dismissal.  

We need you to text before 9:00am in the morning to let the school know if your child is going to be late or absent from school that day. If after 9:00am please call the school. If they are absent we do need a reason; whether they have an appointment, are sick (symptoms), having a family day or away on vacation. This is in alignment with our current practices. 

If you are texting regarding pick up, you will need to text before 2:30pm. If it is after 2:30pm you will need to call the school to ensure the school receives the information. 

After a few weeks of trying this out, we would like to hear your feedback on this method. 

If you are not set up with Remind yet and would like to please call the school and we can help you get set up.

Emergency Response Plans

All Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board schools have Emergency Response Plans.  These plans provide guidelines to ensure the safety of staff and students when an emergency occurs and include procedures for a Lockdown, Hold and Secure, Bomb Threat or Severe Weather.

Lockdown - initiated when there is a major incident or threat of violence within the school or in relation to the school.

Hold and Secure - used when it is desirable to secure the school due to an ongoing situation outside the school building.  During a Hold and Secure, the exterior doors remain locked until the situation is resolved.

During a Lockdown, the school office becomes the “command post” and it is important to keep the phone lines clear for emergency use and to allow administration time to work with police to manage the incident. We ask parents to please be patient and to refrain from calling the school when you are notified of a Lockdown Procedure.

Please keep in mind that our Lockdown procedure specifies that “cell phones are not to be used unless communicating vital emergency information (excessive cell phone use in other violent incidents has shut down access to vital communication lines).“

Information will be communicated as quickly as possible to parents and with as much detail as possible depending on the circumstances. Again, please be assured that procedures are in
place and staff are trained to respond to ensure the safety of your children at all times.
We practice these situations at least several times each year so students are well prepared and learn the procedures and routines of these situations so in the event of an emergency we will all respond appropriately ensuring the best outcomes for all. Please discuss these potential situations with your children and stress that there is no reason to be fearful but we do need to be prepared.

Calling all Volunteers!

Volunteers help make our school a great place to learn.  In light of this, we are asking for volunteers for the coming school year.  

This could include assisting teachers with student success, reading with students, helping with various class fundraisers and school trips and even serving on Parent Council.

Please call the school if you are available to help us.  

If you are interested in helping with our Breakfast Program please email Dashka Steven at or text/call her at (519) 441-2742.

All volunteers will require a police check.  

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity.

We are continuing with Remind this year.

Remind is a great media tool which enables you to receive text messages from the school to your device or receive email message about the many things that are happening at the school.

If you would like to receive a text message, please text to (519) 488-9376 and then text the message @saupdate.  Once you have done this you will receive a welcome text later that day to let you know you have successfully joined.

If you wish to receive information via email instead, visit the link:

Remind will be used to inform parents of upcoming assemblies, Masses, snow days, PJ days and other school events.

Remind is a two-way communication tool for Safe Arrival when you send us a text about your child's absence.  You will not receive a response but rest assured we are getting this information.  If we do not receive it, we will contact you, inquiring about your child's absence.

School Safety
Safety first

If dropping off/picking up your child(ren) between 8:30-9:00am and from 3:00-4:00pm please use the Church parking lot to ensure their safety due to the traffic from incoming buses.

If your child(ren) walks to school and needs to cross the road please ensure that your child(ren) is informed about using the cross-walk when crossing the road as the snow banks are high at this time of the year and may pose a safety risk.

Let's all work together to keep our children safe!

Scent-Free School

Scent Free

We are a scent-free school.

We ask that students and anyone who comes into the school please refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes.  

Thank you for your cooperation in the safety and well-being of our staff and students

Nut-Free School!

nut free

A friendly reminder that our school is nut-free.

Please do not send your child to school with items such a peanuts, peanut butter, Nutella, granola bars containing nuts, etc.  Please read all labels before sending food to school.

Student Use of Electronics at School


We encourage students who wish to bring their electronic games and cell phones to school to leave them in their backpack or classroom.  Students will not be allowed to play with their games at recess time.  We want to encourage healthy, active play outside.  Due to the Privacy Act students will NOT be allowed to take pictures on the school yard with their own personal devices.  Pictures will be allowed only with our school camera.  A reminder that students are not to use their cell phone to call or text home and must make alternate arrangements.

Class Excursions
field trip

Students and parents are reminded of our "No slip - no trip" policy.  The official Board permission form must be signed for each class excusion or your child will be unable to participate.  Students will not be able to phone parents and receive an oral approval at the last minute.  Such events should be in the student's planner, giving parents plenty of prior notice and students time to hand in the completed forms.  In order for these trips to take place, we must also ensure we have enough parent volunteers to assist with supervision.  Please continue to be generous with your time and help with a class trip for your child(ren) this year.

Email Lists for Newsletters/Updates

In the interests of time and caring for our environment, we would like to ask you to accept your newsletters in an electronic form.  This format allows us to save trees and the time it takes to photocopy all those pages and distribute them to the classrooms.  To ensure this happens, please sign and return the SPAM letter that was included in the take-home package the first week of school.  If you absolutely must receive a paper copy please let us know.  Thank you for your consideration and understanding.  Don't forget - grandparents can also receive our newsletters by email - simply forward us their information and we will include them for future newsletters.

    walk to school
Safe Arrival Program

Please don't forget to call the 24hr Safe Arrival Program at (519) 396-7763 or text the Remind number before 9am whenever your child is away from school.  

This is a program we have in place to ensure the safety of our students.  When you contact us, please state the child's first and last name, their teacher's name and the reason they are away.  The Health Unit requests that we track any sickness so please provide  this information when you call.

Many thanks for this as it saves time for the office having to make follow-up calls to your home or emergency contact numbers.  

Parents/Guardians, on days when there are no buses but the school is still open and your child usually walks to school but you choose not to send them, please remember to call our safe arrival number or test the school Remind number.  

End of Day Routine

If your child is in Kindergarten to Grade 3, end of day pick-up will take place at the side of the school in the fenced area.  At 3:20pm there will be staff on duty to dismiss your child.  This can be a very busy time of day, especially when the children and parents are new to the school.  We ask for your patience during this time and to please make sure that your child does not leave the school without being signed out.

Safe dismissal is just as important as safe arrival. 

Please Sign in

Sign In

Parents, please be aware that we have a visitor sign-in policy.

There is a small table in the entrance-way with a sign-in book.  We   respectfully ask that you simply sign the book and then check in at the office before heading to a classroom.

If you are picking up your child you do not need to sign in.  Simply come into the office and the teacher will be contacted from there and your child sent down.  When your child is in school, all time is valuable teaching time and we are trying to minimize classroom interruptions.  We have put this in place for the safety and security of all students and staff.  If you are at the school in the capacity of a volunteer, we ask that once you have signed in and checked in at the office, you wear a volunteer tag which lets us know that you have signed-in.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Sending Money into the School
When sending money, either cash or cheque, into the school we ask that you please place it into a zip-lock bag or envelope.  Please write your child's name on the bag or envelope and the reason for the money.

Administration of Medication


If administration of medication is required by the school, we need appropriate documentation signed by the parent/guardian and the child's physician.  According to Board policy, staff may not administer any medication without this documentation.  

All medication is to be delivered to the school by the parent and the medication must be in the original container from the pharmacy.  All medication that students are required to take during school hours must be stored safely in the school office (other than inhalers).

Prescriptive and non-prescriptive medication forms are available at the school or on our Website.


Skates and Helmets Needed!helmet

We are in need of skates and helmets so all children can participate in skating trips if they wish.  If you have any children's skates or helmets which you are no longer using could you please consider donating them to the school?  Please contact your child's teacher if you can.

  Thank you!

New Inclement Weather Policy snowflake
Please Take Note!

On inclement weather days St. Anthony's will remain open when buses are cancelled unless a school closure is announced.  When rural bus routes are cancelled and weather conditions allow for dedicated in-town bus routes to still run, the following routes will operate to St. Anthony's:


All other in-town stops on other bus routes will not be picked up.  Decisions will genuinely be made based on the safety of students and staff.  Thank you for your understanding.

If you are concerned about whether your child's bus will run, please listen to the radio or check:

Follow the link named Bus Cancellation Website.  We are Zone 8. 

To automatically receive an email each time a new posting is made just press the "Follow" button at the bottom of the screen and enter your email address.  You can also follow on Twitter and RSS.  To subscribe to receive an email notification or Tweet when buses are cancelled.  Go to:

These sources of information are accurate and up-to-date.









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