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Committed to a vibrant Catholic education, we ensure quality learning experiences through community partnerships that nurture each student in body, mind and spirit and embrace the teachings of Christ, giving witness to Gospel values.

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Responsibility is saying,“Yes!” to God’s call to serve others, by using fully our gifts to complete tasks in a trustworthy, committed way

Doug Archer Author Visit
Wednesday December 5, 2018

Legend of the Phantom Reaper

The search for the Phantom Reaper is on!

Event:  A reading by author Doug Archer
At:  St. Anthony's School gym
Date:  Wednesday December 5, 2018
For:  Grades 3-8

Legend of the Phantom Reaper can be preordered and/or purchased the day of Doug Archer's visit.  All will be autographed.

Books are $9 (tax included).  Exact change or cheque made out to Doug Archer please.  

For details click on the link below:

Doug Archer.docx


Ellen Rumsey Author Visit
Friday December 7, 2018

Bad kitten

Ellen Rumsey, author of Finders, Keepers, is coming to our school to read Bad Kitten, her second children's book.  

Event:  A reading by author Ellen Rumsey
At:  St. Anthony's School gym
Date:  Friday December 7, 2018
For:  Kindergarten to Grade 2

Both Finders, Keepers and Bad Kitten can be preordered and/or purchased the day of Ellen Rumsey's visit.  All will be autographed.

Books are $20 (GST included)

For details, click on the link below:

Ellen Rumsey.pdf


The Annual Artisan Fair

Christmas Artisan Fair

 The Artisan Fair is a huge fundraiser for the Social Justice group.  It has been an annual event at St Anthony's for many years. All the funds raised this year will be divided between local, regional and global organizations that we support.

It will be taking place on Saturday December 1, 2018 in the gym from 9:00am - 12:00pm.

The fair is open to anyone who wants to drop by to support our crafty artisans.  Our theme is Kids Crafting for Kids; supporting kids and communities in need.  We also run a café with hot chocolate, apple cider and sell donated baked goods. 

Every year we ask each classroom to create a Christmas craft/idea that is of good quality that the community will purchase.

We can't wait to see you there!

Young Women's Skills Exploration Event

Ontario Skills

Girls in Grades 9-12 are invited to a Skills Ontario Young Women's Career Exploration Event.

Discover the career opportunities in the skilled trades and technologies through mentorship, activities and networking!

The event will take place Tuesday November 20, 2018 from 4:00pm to 8:45pm at the Unifor Family Education Center in Port Elgin.

The cost is $10/attendee and space is limited.  Registration deadline is November 5.

For more information please contact or visit


Please Help our Monarch Butterflies


Your student will be receiving milkweed pods - 1 pod for each student in the school.

Please encourage your students to plant these seeds in late November so that we will have new milkweed patches in the spring to continue to support the rebound of the Monarch butterfly population. 

Please help our Monarch Butterflies.pdf

Thank you in advance from the Green Team for your support for this project.


Community Information Expo
Community expo

Find the information you need from various community groups all together in one place:

Click on the following link for details:

Community info exp WA.PDF


"Weeding out the myths"

Parents:  Help your teen understand what's fact and fiction about cannabis.

A panel of local professionals will discuss the upcoming legalization of cannabis and what it means for you and your family.

For details click on the following link:

Cannabis Poster Oct 2018 v3.pdf


Green Lunch

Ecoshopp Canada specializes in reusable products and includes free shipping anywhere in Canada.  Ordering is available on School Cash Online too!

Ecoshopp Product List and Order Form

Community Discount Cards

Discount Cards

We are pleased to offer a community discount card that has over 20 participating merchants. We are selling them for $20 in the office and they are valid from January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018 .

Each discount is re-usable throughout the year. All discounts/deals vary from 5%-15% off your purchase, getting a free item with a certain purchase amount, etc.

Proceeds go towards improving our school.

Merchants include: 

Tim Hortons
Canadian Tire
Baxter's Row
Akima House 
Lake Range Family Diner
Accents by Gordon's
Gordon's Pharmacy 
Playful Piper 
Knotty Pine Restaurant 
Artemis art supply
Hair Connection
Dynamic Hair Design
No Drama Fitness
West Shore
Lake Effects Smoothie bar

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We hope to turn this into an annual fundraiser for our school, but to have it continue businesses need to see that the selling of these cards is making an impact and bringing more people into their stores.

Thank you for your support. 

St. Anthony's School Addition Approved

St. Anthony's School

We are very pleased to let you know that St. Anthony's School has been approved for an addition, including 4 childcare rooms supporting the Early Years program. 

These projects will allow the removal of both current and pending portable classrooms.  

In the January 31, 2018 press release, the Ministry of Education announced a total of $6,287,159 in funding for the project.  $4,169,643 will be used to construct 8 new classrooms, which will add 190 student spaces.  Another  $2,117,516 will be received for the addition of 4 childcare classrooms, adding another 78 spaces.

Our school has had increasing enrolments for over a decade, with 2016/17 enrolment rising to 414 students, putting the utilization of the facility at 123%.  The 8 classroom addition will increase total capacity at the school to over 500 permanent spaces.

Planning and construction will begin in 2018, with the addition and child care spaces to be completed and ready for occupancy in 2019/20.  


School Attendance Reminder
School attendance

Research has shown a strong correlation between school attendance and student achievement.  In fact, students who miss 10% of school (2 days/month) show negative academic progress.  In some schools, that adds up to 18 days a school year and is considered to be chronic absence (Brendan Williams, 2015).

"It is the mission of the BGCDSB to promote a 'culture of attendance' through evidence-based practices and procedures that target a tiered model of support in the areas of promotion, prevention and intervention while viewing student needs from a holistic perspective.  Early identification and intervention, coupled with positive relationships, supports the development of engaged, responsible, self-directed learners and enhances potential for future success."

St. Anthony's School follows this protocol with the goal of working collaboratively with parents to encourage school attendance.

Part of this protocol is that, if a student has 10 unexplained and/or concerning days absent from school, a letter is sent home (Notice 1 - Elementary; Notice 1 - Secondary), including 'Why Worry About Attendance?'.  A formal meeting is requested with the parent and student to discuss support options and responsibilities.  Parents are asked to completed the 'Attendance Difficulties, Parental Questionnaire'. 

In the next few days, we will be sending the Notice - 1 letter to all parents of students that have been absent from school for more than 10 days so far.  Please do not be alarmed, as the goal here is to support you.

Ontario Drug Benefit Program

Free Prescription Medications


Beginning in January 2018, the province will be offering free prescription drug coverage at no cost for children and youth aged 24 and under, regardless of family income. 

Enrollment in OHIP+ will be automatic based on age. There is no application to join and no upfront costs to obtain eligible medications. Those who are eligible for OHIP+ will only need their health card number and a valid prescription.

It is important that all eligible potential participants are aware of and use the new OHIP+ program, as soon as it is available, to fill necessary prescriptions that will make and keep their families healthy.

For more information visit:

Healthy Food for all

School Breakfast Program

Breakfast Program is for Everyone!

We offer nutritional foods that meet government requirements.  This program really is for all children.  Mornings are the most important time for children to eat.  Some children may have eaten at home but due to a long bus ride or growth spurts they are still hungry.  Some children have trouble eating first thing and need a little more time before they feel they can eat.  Please give your child permission to have something to eat when they feel they need it.  We know children cannot learn if they are hungry.  Thank you!

We are also looking for parents volunteers in the mornings to help set up and clean up.  Please contact Dashka at (519) 441-2742 if you would like to volunteer.  


Safe Arrival Program

    walk to school

Please don't forget to call the 24hr Safe Arrival Program at (519) 396-7763 or text the Remind number before 9am whenever your child is away from school.  See below for more information about Remind.

This is a program we have in place to ensure the safety of our students.  When you contact us, please state the child's first and last name, their teacher's name and the reason they are away.  The Health Unit requests that we track any sickness so please provide  this information when you call.  Many thanks for this as it saves time for the office having to make follow-up calls to your home or emergency contact numbers.  

Parents/Guardians, on days when there are no buses but the school is still open and your child usually walks to school but you choose not to send them, please remember to call our safe arrival number or test the school Remind number. 

We are continuing with Remind this year.  Remind is a great media tool which enables you to receive text messages from the school to your device or receive email message about the many things that are happening at the school.

If you would like to receive a text message, please text to (519) 488-9376 and then text the message @saupdate.  Once you have done this you will receive a welcome text later that day to let you know you have successfully joined.

If you wish to receive information via email, visit the link:

Remind will be used to inform parents of upcoming assemblies, Masses, snow days, PJ days and other school events.

Remind is a two-way communication tool for Safe Arrival when you send us a text about your child's absence.  You will not receive a response but rest assured we are getting this information.  If we do not receive it, we will contact you, inquiring about your child's absence.



If there is a custody or separation agreement in place in your family, please ensure the school has a current and complete copy.  These are secured and confidential, but in order for us to be able to follow them we need a copy.  In all circumstances we strive to remain neutral.  If you are an access parents and would like a copy of the report cards sent to you, please contact the office so we can put this in place.  All copies will be sent home with the student unless we are notified otherwise.  

Please Sign in

Sign In

Parents, please be aware that we have a visitor sign-in policy.

There is a small table in the entrance-way with a sign-in book.  We   respectfully ask that you simply sign the book and then check in at the office before heading to a classroom.

If you are picking up your child you do not need to sign in.  Simply come into the office and the teacher will be contacted from there and your child sent down.  When your child is in school, all time is valuable teaching time and we are trying to minimize classroom interruptions.  We have put this in place for the safety and security of all students and staff.  If you are at the school in the capacity of a volunteer, we ask that once you have signed in and checked in at the office, you wear a volunteer tag which lets us know that you have signed-in.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Scent-Free School

Scent Free

We are a scent-free school.

We ask that students and anyone who comes into the school please refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes.  

Thank you for your cooperation in the safety and well-being of our staff and students.

Administration of Medication


If administration of medication is required by the school, we need appropriate documentation signed by the parent/guardian and the child's physician.  According to Board policy, staff may not administer any medication without this documentation.  

All medication is to be delivered to the school by the parent and the medication must be in the original container from the pharmacy.  All medication that students are required to take during school hours must be stored safely in the school office (other than inhalers).

Prescriptive and non-prescriptive medication forms are available at the school or on our Website.


Nut-Free School!

nut free

A friendly reminder that our school is nut-free.

Please do not send your child to school with items such as peanuts, peanut butter, Nutella, granola bars containing ANY nuts, etc. (not just peanuts).  

Please read all labels before sending food to school. 


End of Day Routine

If your child is in Kindergarten to Grade 3, end of day pick-up will take place at the side of the school in the fenced area.  At 3:20pm there will be staff on duty to dismiss your child.  This can be a very busy time of day, especially when the children and parents are new to the school.  We ask for your patience during this time and to please make sure that your child does not leave the school without being signed out.

Safe dismissal is just as important as safe arrival. 


School Cash Online
School Cash Online
We are very excited to go online for school purchases including agenda, welcome back picnic, milk, pizza, field trips, etc. 

You can have one account for all your children, even if they are in different schools within our Board. ​

Easy.  Convenient.  Fast. ​

Please click below to sign up.

School Cash Online Registration

School Cash Online FAQ

Busing Information


Did you know that you can subscribe to get electronic bus cancellation notifications?  You must re-subscribe every school year.  Email subscriptions are purged every summer and subscribers are asked to re-subscribe to ensure an accurate list of email addresses every year.

Anyone can subscribe for email notification for general notices, school closures and route cancellations and delays.  You must first confirm that you have a valid email address.  To subscribe go to and click on Delays & Cancellations (top right corner), then click on the Subscriptions icon.  Under Other Options click on Subscribe.  Enter your email address and press the Subscribe button.  Our automated system will send you an email confirmation containing a link that you need to complete the subscription process.  

When you receive that confirmation email, click on the Confirm link and enter a password beside New Password, then enter it again.  You should receive a message on screen thanking you for confirming your subscription and saying you can now login to manage your subscriptions.  

For more information go the the Transportation Consortium website at and click on Subscribe for Delays and Cancellations.  We will also continue to use Remind to notify parents as early as possible.  

Emergency Response Plans

All Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board schools have Emergency Response Plans.  These plans provide guidelines to ensure the safety of staff and students when an emergency occurs and include procedures for a Lockdown, Hold and Secure, Bomb Threat or Severe Weather.

Lockdown - initiated when there is a major incident or threat of violence within the school or in relation to the school.

Hold and Secure - used when it is desirable to secure the school due to an ongoing situation outside the school building.  During a Hold and Secure, the exterior doors remain locked until the situation is resolved. 

During a Lockdown, the school office becomes the “command post” and it is important to keep the phone lines clear for emergency use and to allow administration time to work with police to manage the incident. We ask parents to please be patient and to refrain from calling the school when you are notified of a Lockdown Procedure.

Please keep in mind that our Lockdown procedure specifies that“cell phones are not to be used unless communicating vital emergency information (excessive cell phone use in other violent incidents has shut down access to vital communication lines).“

Information will be communicated as quickly as possible to parents and with as much detail as possible depending on the circumstances. Again, please be assured that procedures are in
place and staff are trained to respond to ensure the safety of your children at all times.
We practice these situations at least several times each year so students are well prepared and learn the procedures and routines of these situations so in the event of an emergency we will all respond appropriately ensuring the best outcomes for all. Please discuss these potential situations with your children and stress that there is no reason to be fearful but we do need to be prepared.

Calling all Volunteers!

Volunteers help make our school a great place to learn.  In light of this, we are asking for volunteers for the coming school year.  

This could include assisting teachers with student success, reading with students, helping with various class fundraisers and school trips and even serving on Parent Council.

Please call the school if you are available to help us.  

If you are interested in helping with our Breakfast Program please email Dashka Steven at or text/call her at (519) 441-2742.

All volunteers will require a police check.  

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity.


School Safety
Safety first

If dropping off/picking up your child(ren) between 8:30-9:00am and from 3:00-4:00pm please use the Church parking lot to ensure their safety due to the traffic from incoming buses.

If your child(ren) walks to school and needs to cross the road please ensure that your child(ren) is informed about using the cross-walk when crossing the road as the snow banks are high at this time of the year and may pose a safety risk.

Let's all work together to keep our children safe!


Student Use of Electronics at School


We encourage students who wish to bring their electronic games and cell phones to school to leave them in their backpack or classroom.  Students will not be allowed to play with their games at recess time.  We want to encourage healthy, active play outside.  Due to the Privacy Act students will NOT be allowed to take pictures on the school yard with their own personal devices.  Pictures will be allowed only with our school camera.  A reminder that students are not to use their cell phone to call or text home and must make alternate arrangements.

Class Excursions
field trip

Students and parents are reminded of our "No slip - no trip" policy.  The official Board permission form must be signed for each class excursion or your child will be unable to participate.  Students will not be able to phone parents and receive an oral approval at the last minute.  Such events should be in the student's planner, giving parents plenty of prior notice and students time to hand in the completed forms.  In order for these trips to take place, we must also ensure we have enough parent volunteers to assist with supervision.  Please continue to be generous with your time and help with a class trip for your child(ren) this year.

Email Lists for Newsletters/Updates

In the interests of time and caring for our environment, we would like to ask you to accept your newsletters in an electronic form.  This format allows us to save trees and the time it takes to photocopy all those pages and distribute them to the classrooms.  To ensure this happens, please sign and return the SPAM letter that was included in the take-home package the first week of school.  If you absolutely must receive a paper copy please let us know.  Thank you for your consideration and understanding.  Don't forget - grandparents can also receive our newsletters by email - simply forward us their information and we will include them for future newsletters.
New Inclement Weather Policy snowflake
Please Take Note!

On inclement weather days St. Anthony's will remain open when buses are cancelled unless a school closure is announced.  When rural bus routes are cancelled and weather conditions allow for dedicated in-town bus routes to still run, the following routes will operate to St. Anthony's:


All other in-town stops on other bus routes will not be picked up.  Decisions will genuinely be made based on the safety of students and staff.  Thank you for your understanding.

If you are concerned about whether your child's bus will run, please listen to the radio or check:

Follow the link named Bus Cancellation Website.  We are Zone 8. 

To automatically receive an email each time a new posting is made just press the "Follow" button at the bottom of the screen and enter your email address.  You can also follow on Twitter and RSS.  To subscribe to receive an email notification or Tweet when buses are cancelled.  Go to:

These sources of information are accurate and up-to-date.

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