Head Lice Information

Head Lice


1.  Head lice are common!  They are always present in the community, just like the common cold.
2.  Anyone can get lice.
3.  Head lice are not spread because children are not clean!
4.  Head lice do not spread disease.
5.  Head lice do not jump, hop or fly.
6.  Head lice can be be controlled through the cooperation of parents, teachers, daycare staff and health care personnel.

How to Prevent:

1.  Head lice have trouble living in very short hair.  Tie long hair back in a braid or pony tail.  This makes it harder for lice to crawl from one person to another.
2.  Do not share things like pillows, towels, coats, caps, hats or hair accessories.
3.  Keep children in separate beds on sleepovers.  Change the sheets when a different person will be using them.

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